We writers are constantly searching for more information on the art and craft of writing, as well as how to achieve success along our publishing journeys. We have gathered a few links to online resources that you may find helpful. All of the websites listed below have at least some free information.

Writers Weekly is a great ezine with articles about the writing business, links to lots of helpful articles, a list of current paying markets for content, and writing jobs or opportunities (freelance or full-time.) You can sign up to receive this by email each week. Link:

Writers Market publishes the Writers Marketplace (like the one you used to use in your local library, remember?) Now they have gone digital, and for a small fee each year, you will have access to their online version that has listings of publisher contacts as well as paying markets for written content. They also have a free newsletter if you don’t want to join. Link: is an online directory of free magazines on almost any topic. This would be a great source for writers doing research for their book projects, whether fiction or nonfiction. Researching a character that is in a profession you know nothing about? This is a great place to start. It’s also a lot of fun to browse through the site to see what is out there. Link:

Poets & Writers – Writing Contests: this page on the Poets & Writers website has a comprehensive list of writing contests that are current and up to date. Contests are a great opportunity to achieve recognition to boost your writing career. Link to the contest page:

John Kremer Book Marketing: John is the author of “1001 Ways to Market Your Books”, and also does a FREE regular emailed newsletter filled with ideas on how to market and promote your books. Visit his website and sign up for the newsletter:

Publishers Weekly is a print and digital trade magazine for the publishing industry, regarded as the industry standard. All the news about people, deals, book industry stats, and more importantly, reviews, are covered in the magazine. It’s a bit expensive to subscribe to the print version, but if you do, you also receive by email “PW Daily” (yes, daily) with news about what’s happening. They also have some FREE news at their website and a digital-only subscription. Worth checking out!

Para Publishing: This is Dan Poynter’s company, and Dan is the pioneer and the king of self-publishing, long before people even heard of the term. His books on self-publishing have been used by independent publishers for years, and he has a lot of FREE information at his website, and also a free newsletter that you can sign up for. If you are interested in self-publishing, be sure to visit his site.

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