Writing conferences are a great place to meet other writers, hone your craft, learn techniques, and meet people in the publishing industry who may help you along the path to success. The conferences listed here are mostly local in the Southern California area, but we’ve added a few others of note for those who like to travel or get out of town once in a while.

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Writers of Kern Annual Spring Conference
Hodel’s Liberty Room, March 11, 2017

Dennis VanderWerff, writer, blogger, family historian
“The Fabric of Human History: You as Primary Source”

History is more than famous people, inventions, wars, and treaties. Family histories are important historical documents. VanderWerff offers compelling reasons for writing family history.

Jennifer Burger, CSUB professor, “Pitches and Queries”

Interested in pitching your story ideas to a publication, such as a magazine, literary journal, or website? Learn how to craft a query letter to catch an editor’s attention and sell your work. The focus of this workshop will be on nonfiction and journalistic writing, but the basics extend to all forms of writing.

Daniel Stallings, Master Mystery Productions
“I Don’t Miss the Fourth Wall: Writing Interactive Media”

Writing, reading, art, and media have become increasingly interactive in the 21st century. In this program, audiences will learn about, discuss, and brainstorm various interactive media from theatre to radio to the Internet, and how to create stories and events for those media.

Jeremy Adams, teacher, author, “It Keeps Getting Harder (But Why It’s Worth It)”

The difficult and winding journey towards publication and how the definition of “success” keeps changing. Je will explore the highs and lows and why the journey is worth it if one passionately believes in the power and message of what his message and will discuss the need to embrace opportunity, even if it arrives in a different package than expected.

We also thank Writers of Kern for providing the following item:

Celebrating San Joaquin Valley Poets
Levan Center, Bakersfield, February 16, 7:00 p.m.

The San Joaquin Valley is known for agriculture, oil, and country music, but down through the years, it has also produced a number of major poets. On the evening of February 16, at 7:00 pm, the Levan Center of Bakersfield College will present a reading of work by eight poets born in the Valley who have achieved a national reputation. Each will be introduced by a local poet or advocate for the arts. The event will be hosted by Don Thompson, the inaugural poet laureate of Kern County. For more, see



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