Recycling is Good for the Blogosphere 
ByMolly Jo Realy, High Desert Branch

Everyone loves a good repeat. Am I right? We buy DVDs to watch our favorite movies more than once. We keep leftovers in the fridge for the next dinner. We revisit our favorite coffee shop, public garden, and stores.

The same goes for social media and blogging.

Now, I’m all about a new coat of paint on the walls or may just a little trim off the edges. My point is, if you’ve had an online presence longer than a year, maybe it’s time to dust off some of those old blog posts and freshen them up a bit. Go through the archives, find a post or two that’s worth repeating, and put a few new bells and whistles on it.

Why? The same tree that’s been growing in your yard for a decade doesn’t drop the same leaves each autumn. Those are new leaves, grown this year. They’re similar to the leaves from last year, and the year before. They come from the same source. But these are new leaves. These are current leaves. Formed with this year’s soil, sun, and rain. You don’t want to play in a moldy pile of leaves from two or three years ago, do you? Heck, no! You want to run into the fresh, crisp, colorful leaves that are waiting for you now. Am I right?

Companies don’t air just one commercial and stop. There isn’t just one Hallmark Christmas movie. Singers don’t quit after one ballad. Nope. They all use their voice to reach their audience. And now and then they do it from a different perspective.

You can also use the same posts on multiple sites. Guest bloggers often have a stable of articles at the ready for their next invitation. Think of it as an a la carte selection. Want to know how to grow cats? Done. Coffee as an essential oil? We can make that work. Need to know how to write better blogs? I’m thinking we never stop learning.

And neither does your audience. The information doesn’t change, but your presentation can.

Recycling older blog posts

  • Refreshes your writing roots and reminds you of your original goals
  • Hones your writing and editing skills
  • Opens the door to a new audience
  • Gives your longevity audience a blast from the past
  • Allows you to reach a broader audience with guest posts
  • Lets you fine tune your articles with more insight

With the New Year fast approaching, people will soon be in the mindset of “Out with the old, in with the new.” I say, “Everything old is new again. Just better.”

With some sweet tea, a red pen, and a huge pile of leaves,

Happy writing.

“Recycling is Good for the Blogosphere”
originally appeared in the March 2017 Inkslinger,
newsletter of the High Desert Branch.

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