A Podcast Deliverers the Nostalgia of Old Westerns
Interview by socalwritersshowcase.com

Located in the foothills of the Eastern Sierra, Lone Pine’s Museum of Western Film History honors the classics and newer flicks as well, with memorabilia exhibits and a movie about nearly 100 years of cinema shot in the area. Each October, the museum hosts a wildly popular film festival. Western stars of the ’30 and ’40s movies used to headline on panels there, and some still do, together with their TV Western compadres of the ‘50s. Recently the museum launched a five-part weekly podcast series with hosts Sterling Anno and Kevin Manley to attract millennials to the event. We asked museum director Bob Sigman to tell us more.

Showcase: What makes podcasts so effective?

Sigman: In today’s digital world, Podcasts have become another form of information and entertainment reaching specific interested demographics at times that are convenient to their schedules.

Showcase: How does preparing a podcast interview compare with doing one for radio?

Sigman: Very similar.

Showcase: Once the interview is over, is editing easier than for radio?

Sigman: If LIVE!, there would be no editing. But, if recording for later, both would be similar.

Showcase: What does the series title “The Cut Speakuence” mean?

Sigman: Kevin and Sterling are not just enthusiasts of film, but they’re also video editors in their personal time. Apparently, the original title almost was “The Cut Sequence” as a tribute to editing terminology. However, as longtime good friends with a love for puns, they gave birth to the word “Speakuence” to add their self-described brand of quirky humor to the show’s namesake.

Showcase: Where is it available?

Sigman: On  iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, most podcast apps such as Stitcher & Downcast. The show can also be found on their personal website, http://www.thecutspeakuence.com/.

Showcase: You’ve got 11 interviews. Who were some of the subjects?

Sigman: A varied group including actor/producer William Wellman Jr.; film historian Ed Hulse; writer Patrine Mitchum who has written the definitive history of movie horses, Hollywood HoofBeats; Melinda Carey, Harey Carey Jr’s daughter and  author of  Company of Heroes, My Life as an Actor in the John Ford Stock Company about her dad; cowboy poet and historian Larry Maurice; Dave Matuszak, historian and author of the book The Cowboy’s Trail Guide to Westerns; Western aficionado and Western gun expert Larry Floyd; Hollywood’s go-to guy for trains, Jim Clark;  Holgar Reed who owns the rights to Hopalong Cassidy;  Ken Taylor, owner of the world’s largest collection of Lone Ranger memorabilia; and Western author of multiple books, David Rothel.

Showcase: Will the podcast continue after this series?

Sigman: We hope to expand and continue the series in support of Western Film Heritage.

Showcase: Anything else?

Sigman: Yes – Listen now at https://soundcloud.com/thecutspeakuence.

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